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We carry airbags used in void fill and dunnage applications. Our specialists can identify the application and make recommendations as to the proper size specification and fit to accommodate the loading requirements

Polywoven Airbags

Multi-Layer Plastic Bladder


Bison Bags / Level 1     

Paper equivalent (2 ply)

Truck / Container 

2-3 psi

Level 2    

Paper Equivalent (4 ply)

Truck / Container / Ocean

2-3 psi

Level 3-4    

Paper Equivalent (8 ply)

Truck / Rail Car / Ocean

8 psi

Level 5

Rail Shipments exceeding

205,000 lbs

Railcar / Ocean

10 psi

international dunnage air bags polywoven

Standard Style Polywoven Airbag

international dunnage square polywoven airbag

Square Style Polywoven Airbag

Valve and Inflator Options

Safe Lock Valve

A fast fill type, spring loaded and can be used with all bag types. When inflating, a "Safe Lock Tip" must be used together with an air gun

Jet Flow Valve

Valve is NOT spring loaded, it can only be used on Bison and Level 1 bags. These valves are classified as fast fill type and require a Mini Jet Flow Air Gun to inflate

Combo-Fill Valve

Designed as a combination of Jet-Flow and Safe-Lock valves which have the fast fill advantages of Jet-Flow and the durability of Safe-Lock valves. The valve is spring loaded and can be used for all levels. 

international dunnage jet flow cap
Jetflow Valve
Safelock Valve Airbag
safelock valve

Safe Lock Tip

Safe Lock Valve

Jet Flow Valve with Screw Cap

combo valve

Combo Fill Valve

Use Combo Tip with Mini Jet Flow Gun  ------------->

Use Combo Tip with Monster Air Gun --->

Monster Air Gun
Monster Air Gun Nozzle Airbag
  • Fastest Airgun in the industry

  • Uses pencil or digital guages 

  • Lightweight

  • Made of durable plastic

  • Use with Safe Lock or Combo Valve

Digital Gauge

Mini Jet Flow Air Gun
Jef Flow Inflator Airbags
  • Smaller design, fits in to tighter voids

  • Ergonomic Trigger

  • Lightweight

  • Made of durable plastic

  • 2 inserts options (high/low pressure)

Pencil Gauge

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