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About StrongTree Products

Who we are....

StrongTree Products is a packaging distributor that focuses on industrial markets throughout the Northwest US.


Our expertise is in heavier industrial markets where we offer products from premier manufacturers.  We have the expertise to offer equipment and service, consumables, managed inventory programs and cost-saving consulting.

With several salespeople in the industry for over 25 years we can offer a level of service that is second to none. Our long history of customer satisfaction is a testament to our experience and dedication to having a straightforward approach as a supplier. Forming long-lasting partnerships with our customers and understanding how we can impact their business is imperative to our success and we make that a priority.

about StrongTree

Why Choose StrongTree?

We understand that the options are many when considering a packaging supplier. In the last 15 years, numerous companies have entered the market offering industrial packaging.

We make every effort to not be like everyone else. At the core of our business is INNOVATION.

Bringing new products and ideas to the table for consideration is what we do well.  We recognize our strengths and what our core competencies are and pursue opportunities where we feel we can partner with our customer to help them lower costs, become more efficient and create a real value proposition.

about StrongTree
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