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StrongTree Services

Hand Tool and Equipment Repair

We offer top quality repair service on all brands of strapping tools and strapping heads by a certified technician.  As a result of having local repair the turn around times are quicker and the shipping costs are low. In many cases our account reps can pick up tools for repair directly from the customer facility.

Our repair capabilities include;

- Hand tools for steel and polyester strapping

- Nail and staple guns

- Automated strapping heads

- Small table and arch strapping machines (in shop and field service)

- Stretch wrap machines (field service)

hand tool and equipment repair

Loaner Tool Program

In many cases, we can offer a loaner tool while the customer’s tool is being repaired. This is available on a case-by-case basis when certain types of tools are available.

Titan HKE HD

Field Machine Service Program

We offer programs such as regular preventative maintenance programs to our strap and stretch film customers. Our technicians will come to the site and repair the equipment as needed on a set schedule preventing costly repairs.

Also available is emergency technical help and field service work on strapping and stretch film equipment.

field machine service program

Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI Program

Our account reps are trained to manage inventory levels for a variety of industries. A site visit monthly, bi-monthly or even weekly can be scheduled for the management of inventory levels. Let us work with your procurement department to assist in the management of all packaging items.

vendor managed inventory

Consignment Inventory

If usage levels and inventory turns qualify we can offer a consignment inventory at the customer’s facility. We offer both managed and customer-managed inventories; usage is invoiced monthly or as the material is used. The program works excellent for detailing exact material used within a certain timeframe and always having material on the floor at no additional cost.

consignment inventory

On-site Cost Saving Audits

We can offer initial audits of the packaging procedure and products that potential and current customers use. Efforts are focused toward recommending the correct procedure to package the product in the most cost effective and time sensitive way.

We have successfully decreased the overall packaging costs in several of our customer’s plants. We have the ability to successfully offer different products and ideas to improve the efficiency of the packaging process.

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