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agriculture boxes

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We're changing the look and performance of Agriculture Boxes...


Performance -

Our boxes are 100% waterproof, keeping the integrity throughout the supply chain. They get stronger as it gets colder

Marketing - 

With photo quality images the options to display the product are endless.  Make your product POP

Reduced Carbon Footprint -

Replaces waxed boxes and many polystyrene (styrofoam) applications. This is a game changer from reducing the footprint to complete recyclability

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Let us print you a sample...

  • Our sales staff can help identify the correct fit and specs for what you are shipping

  • Our designers can help market your product by creating high graphic boxes.  Plain more industrial grade boxes are also available

  • Let us offer pricing based on your needs

  • Finally let us print you a sample box of what it would look like using Uniqcor®

RSC and Die Cut Custom Boxes Available


Field to Table


Asparagus, Idaho


Uniqcor® Celery Boxes

field to table

Fresh Produce Processing

Uniqcor® is replacing alternatives that are environmentally harmful

waxed box.png

Waxed Corrugated Boxes

These boxes cannot be recycled.  100% of waxed corrugated ends up in the landfill.  


Polyestyrene Boxes and Sheets


Styrofoam has been globally identified as a product that needs to be banned or phased out because of its negative affect on the environment



These boxes are made of a high percentage of polypropylene. Only 8% of these are recycled today

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