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the right film for industrial wrapping environments

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FUSION is our newest next-generation machine stretch film made of proprietary properties that out-perform many of the highest quality films on the market.


Our customers can rely on taking advantage of cost savings by using lower gauge film without sacrificing force to load properties.  This film will stretch over 300% on newer wrappers and offers extreme puncture resistance.  


Extreme Strength - Proprietary high-strength formula allows the film to be applied with very high tension levels without the film breaking, ensuring excellent load stability and very secure pallet contents

Puncture Resistance - High puncture resistant properties mean the film can be applied to goods with sharp edges and corners with reduced breaking, reducing wasted time in the packaging line and driving down costs

Minimal Neck-down - More efficient use of film compared to traditional stretch wrap, allowing you to cut packing costs, reduce plastic waste, create a faster wrapping process and lessen the impact on the environment

Super Micron Films - This film is part of a new gratin  of nanotechnology films which offers stronger films enabling further down gauge opportunities which equates to cost savings

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** Other custom sizes and gauges available

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Case Study: Hay Export

Film Used: Fusion 85 ga cast Ultra Performance Hay Film to repalace 120 ga blown machine film

Results: Increased tension, increased force to load and better overall performance. A large cost savings was realized when down gauging from 120 to 85. 

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