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plastic sheeting and covers

Shrink Sheeting.png
Conventional Cover.png

Figure A    Conventional Covers

Y Seal Cover.png

Figure B      Y-Seal Covers

Plastic Sheeting: 

 - We offer several different rolled films in various size rolls


 - Load Covers - Dust Covers - Barrier Film - Agricultural Films


heat Shrink Sheeting: 

 - Shrink bundling film available in Clear, White, and Multiple Colors

Various thickness to accommodate local containment

 - Available in rolls or bags perforated on a roll for easy dispensing

 - Custom sizes rolls and bags available as well as custom shrink percentages to correctly assist in the application process

Old Style Conventional Load Covers:


 - Traditional style covers have loose fitting covers with pockets on top of the pallet


    (See Fig A) which shows the old style bags


New Style square Load Covers:


 - Our plastic covers are made square with no loose fitting gaps

    (See Fig B) 

 - These bags are perforated on a roll for easy dispensing

 - Plain or printed, various gauge thicknesses available

 - Completely customized size available to fit your load exactly 

- Typical applications: Drywall Covers, Pallet Covers, Agricultural Applications, Pellets, Lumber Units, Steel Units

- Benefits: Square edge fit - Prevents pooling of water, dirt & dust

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