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seafood boxes

We're making it easier to ship fresh seafood...

Check out what folks are saying who have begun using Uniqcor® boxes to ship their product

What is different about our seafood boxes?

  • 100% Waterproof, leak proof capable designs - both manual and machine erectable

  • Photo quality printing with up to 10-color Gravure print

  • Boxes strengthen in Cold-Chain environments and retain integrity for long-range transport including sea-freight

  • 100% recyclable and reusable - fully washable, retains presentation with zero degradation

  • Replaces waxed cardboard boxes and styrofoam

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Let us print you a sample...


Our sales staff can help identify the correct fit and specs for what you are shipping

Our designers can help market your product by creating high graphic boxes.  Plain more industrial grade boxes are also available

Let us offer pricing based on your needs

Finally let us print you a sample box of what it would look like using Uniqcor®

RSC and Die Cut Custom Boxes Available

Pacific Marine Expo


Photo Quality Graphics

oyster box
Oyster box top
oyster box bottom

Uniqcor® Oyster Box

tiger prawn box 1
tiger prawn box 2

Uniqcor® Tiger Prawn Box

Uniqcor® is replacing alternatives that are environmentally harmful

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Waxed Corrugated Boxes

These boxes cannot be recycled.  100% of waxed corrugated ends up in the landfill.  


Polyestyrene Boxes and Sheets


Styrofoam has been globally identified as a product that needs to be banned or phased out because of its negative affect on the environment



These boxes are made of a high percentage of polypropylene. Only 8% of these are recycled today

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