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Strapping Tools
Used Strapping Tools

We purchase and recondition tools as we have opportunities to do so. Strapping tools when taken care of have a good life span so our reconditioned program offers a cost saving alternative to buying new tools. 

StrongTree Certified Reconditioned Tools

In order to offer certified reconditioned tools our technicians perform the following steps;

1. Each tool is completely taken down to the frame and cleaned thoroughly 

2. Motors are tested (on battery and air tools) for connectivity and performance and only motors that past this test remain in the tools

3. New wear parts are put in each tool including; tension wheel, cutter blade and gripper pads. This happens even if the used parts appear to have life left on them.

4. All remaining parts such as switches, gears belts, bearings are all evaluated and replaced if needed

5. Reconditioned tools carry a 45 day Warranty


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