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Reduce Cost on stretch film while increasing                    throughput and load containment

The Wasp System


Scope of Work:


This system is for modifying an existing stretch film machine by adding a separate roller that slits and bands lower gauge film. Both the slit film and a lower gauge overwrap film go through the existing pre-stretch stretch carriage and are applied to the pallet in the same manner as usual

Summary of benefits:


Integrating this system on an existing stretch film machine yields;


                        - Higher force-to-load on the pallet, better film performance 

                        - Reduction in the film gauge 

                        - Apply less film

                        - Reduce cost of wrapping each load 

Benefits of the system: 

  • Banding Film can be very low gauge - Because film becomes increasingly strong when it is "banded" or "roped" a very low gauge film such as high 30 gauge, low 40 gauge give as much as 80-120 gauge of holding power depending on the width and gauge of the band

  • Overwrap Film can be very low gauge - Because the banding film is operating as the load containment film to control the load, the overwrap film becomes a dust cover to keep the load clean. In many cases this secondary overwrap is not needed. If this is the scenario the savings increases a fair amount

  • Less total film can be applied with better performance - The total ounces of film for the load can be decreased because the banding operation increases the force to load. As a result less film is applied with better performance

  • The Wasp System can be added to any standard machine - Whether a newer pre-stretch machine or an older machine with manual dial down tension adjustments this system will work well and offer the benefits above without an expensive purchase of an entire new machine

  • Increased Throughput - By applying less film per load the time per unit is decreased. In a demanding situation where time is money this can offer a substantial savings 


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