Wrap Stick hand film
easy back film dispenser

Lightweight Handgrade Stretch Film Dispenser


12"-18" wide rolls

Ergo Speed Mag

New to the market lightweight film dispenser for manually applying hand stretch film


  • Aircraft Aluminum Frame - Extremely Lightweight

  • Easy to use tension dial for pre-tensioning film

  • Ergonomically designed for easier use wrapping pallets up high and down low

  • Soft versus hard rubber grip for extra comfort

  • Magnetized ends points to attach to forklift or pallet jacks

stretch film handle dispenser
hand film dispenser
magnetic stretch film handle


Wrap Stick hand film

Lightweight Handgrade Stretch Film Dispenser


12"-18" wide rolls

Wrap Stick

  • Makes the task of wrapping pallets low to the ground or higher for taller pallets that much easier.

  • Tension knob is for adjustment of resistance on film for pre-stretch

stretch hand film inserts

Inserts for either end of hand film for easier application


12"-18" wide rolls

Hand Film Inserts

  • 3" Inserts

  • Saves hands from the burn of applying film


  • Built In Brake


  • Rubber Grip for added comfort

  • Sold in Pairs




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